Office tigers full movie. Office tiger inspection. Office tiers livre. Tigers box office phone number. Reviewed at its 3rd & final screening at the Royal Ontario Museum Theatre on Sat. Sept. 16, 2006 during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF. The film had World Premiered at the Paramount 3 Theatre the previous weekend on Sept. 9, 2006.
This felt like the India based Office Tiger company gave the filmmakers insider access in the hopes of getting a free promotional film out of it and the film only comes across as subversive in a few instances - the co-owner is caught off-guard in the midst of berating his much put upon secretary, the home lifestyles of the executives are compared to those of workers, the co-owner is actually proud to be still living in a messy hotel room after 6 years in India, another executive lives in a luxury mansion with pool but it seems his dog is his only friend.
After about 45 minutes we got the point, but the film went on for twice that long.
Director was a no-show for this 3rd screening so there was no Q&A.

Office tiers monde. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Storyline A feature-length documentary about an office full of young Indian professionals and the executives teaching them the rules of corporate culture. Set in an American-owned business process outsourcing company in India whose clients include the top investment banks in the world, the documentary offers a rare look at cross-cultural corporate training, the lifestyles of young urban professionals in a conservative South Indian city, and the changes that outsourcing is bringing to India. Plot Summary | Plot Synopsis Details Release Date: 9 September 2006 (Canada) See more  » Also Known As: Kontorstigrarna Company Credits Technical Specs Runtime: 54 min (TV) (2007) 90 min See full technical specs  ».

Office tiger l'osmose. Office tiger login. Office tiger coworking space. Office tiger. Office tiger chennai. Office tiger acquisition. Office tiger global real estate services. Office tiger woods. Office tiger philippines. Tigers box office hours. Office tigers. Office Tiger is a company established in India by two New York bankers several years ago. The concept is not a new one as the firm is essentially a call centre. However the difference is that Office Tiger quickly and professionally does the work that Western companies are too busy or lack the resource (time or money) to do themselves such as PowerPoint, accountancy and general admin. In this film we get access behind the scenes of the driven and focused company.
An interesting but not altogether successful documentary. Screened as a film in some places, I saw Office Tigers broken down as a series of films over several thirty minute slots and found it reasonably interesting. I can't say more than that because although the documentary is done in the style of The Office, it actually is nowhere near as real or as insightful. It sounds strange to say that because I am comparing a fictional comedy with a documentary but really for me it was true. With Office Tigers the interest comes with seeing the reality behind the cracks of the carefully managed image that is presented by the co-CEO but even this is not that interesting – just the sort of stuff you'd expect from any other office.
This leaves us with more of an insight into the work ethic in the parts of the world currently developing economically. We see the long hours, the testing working environment and the rigorous employment selection and the pressure put on them to succeed. This is interesting for a while but is not enough to make the film/series work as a whole. It is a shame because you can see so much potential with the access but yet the producers cannot seem to make it come together in the final edit. I'm not sure why but it does feel like they did not have a clear vision for what they were trying to do and as a result the film is rather so-so.
Overall then, an interesting but not that strong a documentary. The access and subject matter opens the door for commentary and some Office-style comedy but the editing cannot bring this out and instead just seems to edit together the footage without a lot of vision. Interesting to dip into but less than it really should have been.

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